Have you heard about the Cinemagraphs?

Technically, cinemagraphs are photographs in which only a part of them is in constant and interrupted movement, forming a video clip, while the rest of the image remains static. The result is a gif with a much higher quality, and at the same time subtle and magnetic.

The goal is to impress the viewer and transmit sensations that, with the regular photographs, would be impossible to transmit. And it is for this very reason that advertising has found in the cinemagraphs an ally, with which their campaigns can be bring to life.

The term “cinemagraph” came from graphic designer Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck, who combined the original content with the desire to communicate more to the viewer. Today, the term has already spread and represents a whole format of digital photography in itself.

“People cannot stop looking at the images,” explains Burg, one of the inventors of the cinemagraphs. “And that’s exactly what the advertising industry wants,” he says.

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