Animations: a way to spice up your web

Animations are a wonderful resources for web design, as they make the user experience more interactive and entertaining, and because of the great variety they can be present, these animations are also an advantage. To name a few, there are direct interaction animations for the user, such as notifications in the form of pop-up, and also those that do not require any action by the user, such as animated icons that appear when loading a Web, animated bars, and many others!. Something like a simple animated background can add a lot of visibility, but nevertheless, an excess of this or other appealing resources could distract the user or obstruct the operation of the website, reason why they should be used wisely and with moderation.     If you still don’t convince yourself to start using this tool, that is the animation, to make your business a success, you should know that 90% of the processed information of our brain is visual, and for this reason a web design and marketing campaign that uses animations or videos will always be successful because it has the power to attract people and impact them. Also keep in mind that in search results, video and animation videos have a 41% higher click-through rate than written text. For all this, we can say that using the animation is profitable. So get to work. It’s all about getting excited and getting started!.

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