Simple websites are better

A “clean design” is one that chooses to use wide spacing, symmetrical alignments, and colors that promote openness, allowing the user to focus their attention on the parts that are considered most relevant of the site. This type of structuring allows, among other things, an increase in the loading speed of the site and a better organization of the parts that are of greater interest for the users; That is why its use in the design community has been gaining popularity quite a while now.

How is it done?
To achieve a clean web design you must keep in mind that its main objective is to be simple and functional, so unnecessary, overloaded and messy elements do not take place here. By reducing the number of visuals, interactive elements, etc., you avoid excessive information and by maintaining a certain harmony between different elements of a website such as white space, margins and height of text lines, is generated a sense of breadth and sophistication, thus improving the browsing experience of your users and decreasing the chances of them leaving the website ahead of time. That is why you should look for a balance between the content and the graphic elements that make up the page.

Sometimes having less means having more. And in design this translates into highlighting the content of your website through the reduction of possible distractions for users. Clean design allows you to create better experiences. This is because it is easier to find the important content, elements such as navigation menu, buttons and links to social networks, and forms to perform some actions; they are always easily accessible. Knowing how to apply this type of design and the advantages it entails can be very beneficial to your business, so that is why we invite you to pay more attention to these details when creating or modify your website.

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