Marketing Cross-Device

Years ago, people only used the computer when they wanted to surf the internet. Today we know that it no longer works that way. The way we surf the internet has evolved over the years and lately has increased the use of several devices to carry it out. Whether it’s taking a look at a social network or making an online purchase, you tend to use different devices like smartphones, tablets and computers, even simultaneously, to perform them.

But what is a cross-device marketing strategy?
Simple: it is one that focuses on identifying the users that access the same page from different devices with the purpose that the content they consult from each of these devices is synchronized.

And how does this strategy benefit us?
According to a study by Adobe consulting company, 66% of users admit to feel frustrated when they verify that the content they access simultaneously from several devices is not synchronized. And this becomes a much more common problem than you may think, since according to the same study conducted by Adobe, young users usually switch from one device to another on 90% of the occasions they perform a search on Internet. So this strategy that is based on detecting when the same user connects to your web page from different devices and simultaneously to enable them to synchronize the content, would be of great advantage as it allows you to provide a better experience for these users. In the end it will be more beneficial for all involved, because by having a better service, customers will feel more satisfied and your company will see better results and more profits. Although this reality is becoming well known by all, the fact is that most companies with digital presence and online sales platform are not aware of these new strategies and tools that are so useful these days. Definitely, if you are looking to make grow or improve your business, the wisest thing you could do would be to consult with professionals in the field of online marketing to take full advantage of all these new technologies and tools that we have today.

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