What is Brand Articulation?

Trying to launch a product or service to the market without first stopping to think about the marketing strategy you are going to follow, how exactly you want your brand to be, what values, mission and vision it will have is like making a leap into the void with closed eyes.

A brand is not just the logo and the cover. A brand must be well thought from its beginnings and everything must have consistency. This is known as “Brand Articulation” and it tries to create the basis to be able to pose the strategic process that will bring the brand to consumers.

In short, the articulation is the complete and well thought-out creation/planning of your brand, which will assure you a solid foundation on which to work, that will last in time. After all, we – as consumers – want brands that we can trust, that meet our expectations and all this cannot be possible without consistency, solidity and stability.
For all this, here we will list the essential steps to build and consolidate a brand:

Determine the purpose: ask yourself “Why should consumers know me?” You need to be clear about where you want to go with your brand and why it exists.

The essence: Analyze the story behind your brand and the reason that led you to create it and what do you want it to become. From here, you can make clear:
1. Vision: Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? It is a matter of defining and making clear the objectives and goals that you propose.
2. Mission: What is your purpose? The mission of a company is basically a statement of the object, purpose or reason of it.
3. Values: What are your principles? What messages do you want to convey with your business?
4. Target audience: Who do you want to sell your product or service to?
5. Key audiences: In addition to the target audience, with whom will the brand speak? Not only are you going to relate with your buyers, there are other audiences that you must take care of, like colleagues, bloggers and influencers of the sector.
6. Competitors: Who offers something similar? You must know the other companies that do the same as you because in this way you will know what you can offer that set you apart from the rest.
• Transformation: how are you going to visually represent the values of your brand? What colors and other visual elements do you plan to use?
• Alignment: It is about defining all the structures of the company; Communication, logistics and work processes must match the ethics and essence of the brand.
• Commitment: Once you have cleared all the other points listed above, you must now commit to the brand, its mission and objectives drawn, always maintaining consistency.

In conclusion, the articulation of the brand is a long process in which time and resources have to be invested, but it helps brands control their entire business project. This is why it is fully recommended, since a well-structured brand on a solid basis has more strength in the market, and is able to stand out in the competition considerably.

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