How voice search will change SEO

Voice search is not exactly something new, but it has increased its popularity among users in recent times. According to Google, 55% of adolescents use this type of search compared to 40% of adults. But it is expected to increase, so we must be prepared if we want to have an optimal SEO strategy for both manual and oral searches. But what has caused the almost sudden increase in interest? Well, it is mainly due to the significant improvement that has had this type of technologies recently as well as the arrival of personal assistants by voice that keep perfecting and humanizing it responses. Companies like Google have opted for this type of technology because they have discovered that users enjoy more and find it more useful for perform their daily searches and tasks as if it were a conversation with someone else who would help them to carry it all out. When they perform a voice search, instead of links, users want direct answers. There lies the attraction for this type of search; it makes everything more efficient, fast and personal. Of course this makes a difference compared to the typical keyword search in the search engine. But you should not panic if you have not taken this into account when improving the positioning of your business in search engines because although it is true that the search for voice on mobile devices will change important aspects of the typical SEO, it does not imply too abrupt changes in the end. What you should keep in mind is that we would no longer be talking about phrases formed mostly only by keywords that users enter in the search engine, but rather ‘conversations’ that they maintain with their devices. When users search by voice, they tend to ask longer and natural questions like sentences containing “who“, “what“, “where“, “when” and “how“, since these are more likely to occur in spoken language, rather than in writing. This is one of the keys that companies must take into account when it comes to positioning themselves. With all this we do not mean that the search using keywords has died, at all. What we mean is that now these keywords should be used in a more natural message, within the conversation. Apparently, the technology is heading for a much more conversational, dynamic and natural future, where things like our cell phones can play a more active and useful role in our daily lives, making everything easier, and even fun! Precisely that is why you should not stop taking all this into account to get a better position, without representing a 180 degree turn in how you were working until now. Do not worry. Changes are a slow thing and you will have time enough to adapt; but for now, the ideal will be to cover both types of searches: the classic by text and the new by voice. For voice searches there are sectors that should be in a greater hurry to adapt than others. Restaurants and hotels, among others, have to be the first to adapt the SEO to this new type of requests. What do you say? Are you ready for this change?

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