What is Social Commerce?

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Social Commerce is an evolution of online commerce. It covers all those tools and social media that contribute to online shopping, but contrary to what can be thought, it does not only take place in social networks, although this is the main place where it occurs.

The special thing about social commerce is that, unlike traditional E-commerce where every relationship is more “rigid” and unidirectional (the customer enters our store, buys, and their order is sent). In the Social Commerce the consumer interacts -asking or conversing with the seller-; therefore, it is more personal and that is usually more appealing to people because it implies that they can specify better the details of their purchase as well as getting out of doubts, things that would not be so easy to solve in a formal online store. Good communication with customers definitely creates and strengthens their preference with the brand.

The benefits of this type of trade are in fact quite broad and among the advantages we find:

– You can increase your traffic, especially from social networks. Because users are constantly commenting or sharing information about businesses or products they want to have or already have. Therefore, this also means that an increase in the popularity of your brand / products or services is possible!
– Product reviews and reviews from your own customers are automatically generated. Reading a positive opinion from a satisfied consumer can help a lot when it comes to deciding whether to buy or not.
-The constant interaction that involves the social commerce creates engagement with your public in the medium-long term.
– It can be used as a primary center of Customer Service or improve the attention and efficiency when finding a solution to problems and doubts for customers.
-Reduction of costs since any company can have its own platform of Social Commerce to sell its products without having to be a well-known brand on the internet.
-It gives companies a new opportunity to create revenue for the content of social media and thus diversify the channels of purchase.

Other platforms or tools where Social Commerce materializes are, for example:

  • online customer feedback tools on products,

  • Content generated by users in online stores and blogs,

  • Forums and communities,

  • Social advertising.

Today social networks are booming and right now are perfect places to trade as platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter have opened a framework of benefits to boost online business with this type of online trading. Without a doubt, the benefits are many and do not require a lot of monetary investment, so it is a very good option for all types of companies.

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