4 Important Marketing tips you should take into account this year

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Marketing as many things today is constantly changing, and to this day technological innovations, changes in social networks and new design techniques are still emerging, as well as new ways to communicate with the public, and therefore new ways to sell the products.

Because when we talk about digital platforms, it seems that the news does not stop appearing and surprising us.

It is a fact; we like changes and taking into account these changes to implement them in marketing campaigns is vital if we want our brand to stand out and be successful.

For this, it is essential to keep updated on the latest trends that are already defining the year 2018. This is why today we bring you some tips to apply in marketing strategies this year and that will undoubtedly help you achieve success.

1. Create ephemeral visual content.
People prefer see than read; that has been very clear in recent times and with the great success that the ‘stories’ of Instagram and Facebook continue to obtain today, brands have a perfect opportunity to achieve much more success by using these tools this year.

Whether with stories or short videos, the truth is that a brand can, thanks to these tools, create a closer link with its audience and is an excellent way to ensure that people will always have the brand in mind.

2. Do not leave out Voice searches.
Everything indicates that this year Virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google will be even more successful among users and it is estimated a significant increase in the use of these searches by voice.

Without a doubt, this year you should not leave aside searches of this type when you are designing your SEO strategy.

3. Start making live videos.
Another great way to create a strong bond with customers.

The statistics certify it: users prefer live videos more than those published in a timeless or predetermined way.

4. Use Chatbots.
Although it is nothing new, do not waste this good way of giving the client a better service, since its purpose is to serve as a customer service automatically, such as Facebook Messenger.

2018 definitely looks promising and brings us many new ways and opportunities to achieve our goals. What do you think? Are you ready to start implementing these tips?

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