Growth hacking, what it is and why it is so necessary in your company

Growth Hacking

If you have a business, you surely know that finding ways to grow and reap more success is the main goal, but often this isn’t achieved so easily -and most of the time this is because you don’t have the right team of work. Precisely, today we will talk about the professional figure that is responsible for ensuring the growth of your company.

This is the “growth hacker”, and although its name may be confusing, it is not really related at all to the fact of generating problems in terms of legal aspects or things like that. On the contrary, it is a person who has all the technical knowledge and skills necessary to execute a successful marketing plan, always focused on the growth of the user base of a product or company.

This person is always in constant search of ideas and tactics to achieve greater growth and prosperity for a business. And being in charge of attracting a significant number of consumers or assuring the business an important growth, something that characterizes these professionals is precisely the curiosity, creativity and capacity to innovate. So they study and analyze the behavior of consumers and the market, to then devise innovative ways to solve the problems that may exist. It’s about listening to customers and offer them what they really want to get from you; as well as making them feel they’re a important part of the company- in that way their purchases will be not sporadic but regular. As a result you get a satisfied clientele, engaged with your brand.

In addition, it is often good to have a vision of someone outside the company to help you see things more objectively and tell you where you can risk or not. And even if it gives you a bit of insecurity or fear to bet on different things and different ways of working, you should bear in mind that sometimes it is necessary to give a spin to ideas to get better results. Since without innovation and without the willingness to take into account new ideas you will not be able to advance too much in this world that seems to love so much the changes. So do not limit yourself to only what you know because it can be your own brake!

In short, growth hacking is an excellent option if you want to go further with your business and not stay stuck.
For this reason, many companies sometimes require much more than a person specialized in marketing and that is when the need to have a specialized team becomes evident; In fact, many of the important companies such as Facebook or Twitter have a work team that is exclusively responsible for growth hacking. But obviously it is not necessary that the company is too big to be able to contract this type of services. On the contrary, when a business is starting is just the right time to seek to include this type of staff in their payroll.

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