Clickbait, the technique you need to know

There are many people -and not to say the majority- who have a misconception of what the “clickbait” really is, since they usually perceive it as something negative because they think that they are headlines, descriptions and deceptive articles designed for the sole purpose of attracting the attention of people and get them to click on links to particular websites, but in the end the actual content of these sites was not as they promised.

However, the reality is different. And although there are unfortunately those who use this manipulation of information to benefit in some way, actually clickbait is a very good way to do marketing, with a good purpose, as long as you keep in mind the commitment to maintain the veracity at all times.

But then what is the clickbait and how does it really work?

Actually it is very simple! It is an online marketing technique that is dedicated to attracting web traffic through good content with titles hook. But you have to take into account that it is not limited to this alone and goes beyond that, to the content. A content that matches the title or description given must be guaranteed. So even if you understand the clickbait as “Generate the best headlines to get clicks at all costs,” the issue is a little deeper than that.

It could be said that we will have applied the clickbait effectively when we have generated enough curiosity in the reader that this one has no choice but to click on the link to know the rest of the information and that, when reading the whole article, feel that this covered their initial expectations.

If you have read any BuzzFeed’s title or article, you know for sure what it is, or at least you can get an idea of what the clickbait is about! If you have paid attention to how their titles are usually, you will have noticed that they are formulated in a way that causes curiosity; things like “someone did something and this is what happened”, so if you want to know the outcome of that action, you will have to read the whole article.

In general, its function is to generate expectation with the title, and then solve the puzzle quickly in the rest of the article. For this reason, a lot of questions are often used that encourage people to want to know the answer, as well as emotional or curious stories that may attract the user’s empathy, to end up with something like “Keep reading to discover it” or “Click here to learn more”.

And although the purpose of this technique seems to be only to get clicks in a short time, in reality it is about generating a long-term relationship with users based on trust. Since by providing something valuable to users, that meets their needs or curiosity in a good way, you gain their trust and they will surely return to your website in the future.

For all the above is that you should consider giving this technique a chance if you are looking to attract traffic to your website. The important thing here is to have a little creativity to know how to write in a way that can generate curiosity in the audience and always be willing to offer true and quality information at all times. If you put effort, you will see that the clickbait will help you a lot to boost your business and draw attention to it without losing quality. Everything is a matter of trying new things and see how they work!

And what do you think? Did you already know what the clickbait really was? Share with us in the comments!

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