SEO trends in 2018, what to expect for the rest of the year

Over the years, the way to reach customers is constantly changing and evolving; After all, the world of marketing is characterized by being like this: a sector that does not stop taking new forms to adapt to the quick changes brought by new technologies.

Especially, web positioning is one of the most changing parts, since it depends on large multinationals like Google that are constantly updating their algorithms and so on.

Having said all this, today we will talk about some SEO 2018 trends that without a doubt you should keep in mind from now on; especially if you have a web page, this information will be of great interest to you. So take note!

1) Faster Webs

Speed has become a determining factor in web positioning since a while ago and that is not something new; but this year is considered especially important.

Google is eager to reduce increasingly the loading time of websites, so not having our page adapted to it, is going to be a huge disadvantage with respect to our competitors.

Since, by improving this detail, we will be improving the overall user experience in an impressive way, increasing its clicks, very low bounce rates and the general interaction with the web. So in the end, as a result, will improve SEO and your positioning.

2) Smartphones take control

Google currently has two search indexes (mobile and desktop). But, as expected, it has already been announced that priority will be given to pages that are fully optimized for mobile (design, loading time, usability, etc.) and will place them above those that are not.

3) Safety is a priority

This year —more than ever— providing users with a secure connection is a super-important feature; in fact, Google itself began to pressure sites to switch to secure connections to help protect the information and personal data of visitors. Now, much of Google’s search algorithm is based on this; resulting in secure sites having priority in the search ranking.

4) Google Voice

We have already spoken before in other posts about this topic, but we cannot get tire of repeating and reminding you of the importance of voice searches!

And the thing is that Google Voice increases every day the number of users so that lately they keep improving this tool and reducing the failures, which is giving more confidence to users and attracting new ones. Soon it will become undoubtedly one of the pillars of SEO 2018.

One last tip…

—Although it may be well known— is that you have to remember that the content is still the king. When you publish useful, interesting and really engaging content, you will see it reflected in your succeed.

So up to here the SEO trends for the rest of 2018. Although over the course of the year we can add more relevant things to our list as they show up!

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