Do you own a small business? These 9 apps will make your life much easier.

Having your own business can be very stressful often; you must deal with many different things like you must handle payroll, employee issues, somehow manage money and time well, deal with anything that arises in the moment… so is definitely not a very simple or relaxed task. However, fortunately we live in a time where technology does not stop moving forward, and every day, more and more apps and products come out to make practically all aspects of our daily life easier.

And if we talk about the latest apps that have come out to increase productivity, help measure and manage time well, keep track of tasks and others, we can say with total confidence that today more than ever is a perfect time to be an entrepreneur. In fact, today there are so many apps on the market that can become overwhelming if you do not have a kind of guide in the area; and for that same reason, we have given ourselves the task of researching the best apps of 2018 and here we list some:

Wave is an easy-to-use accounting software platform that lets businesses track sales and expenses, manage invoices, customer payments, pay employees, scan receipts and make accounting reports; so it’s perfect for small businesses, independent contractors and sole proprietors with even none or fewer employees.
Also, wave is available for free download on the website and its free invoicing and receipt-tracking mobile apps are available for download in the Apple store, but you’ll have to pay to accept credit card transactions, for bank payment processing and for payroll management.

If your business depends on point-of-sale purchases but you have a limited budget for payment systems, Square could be a life-saver because this one allows you to accept payments wherever your business takes you and convert any iPhone, iPad, or Android device into a mobile POS that accepts credit and debit cards (including EMV chip cards) and it is free to download.
You don’t even have to be connected to the Internet, you can use text messages to send receipts, and the system can even allow customers to leave a tip. How awesome is that?!

Time is money, it is not? So, to make sure you make good use of it, there are some apps like this one that allows you to automatically track time you’ve spent on applications and websites and send you detailed reports and data based on your activity, giving you an accurate picture of how you spent your day.
Its Lite version is free, but there is the premium option that comes with added features —like alerts, the ability to block distracting websites and more— and costs about $72 per year, with the first four months free.

Shopventory lets you see profit margins, compare multiple locations, and spot sales trends. For example, it can Identify the items are not selling well, so you can take appropriate action.
Basic plans are free for one location, with paid plans starting at $29/month for businesses with one location.

This Android app organizes and tracks your packages, containers and other bulk storage items. Also, it allows you to print the proper QR labels, which you can scan with your phone to access a list of items in each container at any time. iPhone’s users can access Boxmeup’s mobile website using an iPhone.
Oh, and it is free to use!

Trello is an easy-to-use project management app that tracks your team’s workflow. You can create cards that represent an assignment or task, add members, comments, attachments, checklists, due dates and labels to make the cards as descriptive as possible.
Also, the app is free to use on the web and for iOS and Android devices.

Dropbox is the most popular platform on which to store and share files on the cloud. It’s especially useful for businesses that need a reliable way to share information.

Communication is essential for the daily operations of a work team; that is why apps like slack are so useful. With Slack’s instant messaging platform, you can organize your team’s conversations into separate private or public channels or send a direct message. The app also makes it easy to share images, PDFs and other files in the chat very easily.

You can try Slack for free but it’s possible to change to a paid plan and get more features and controls.

If you are looking forward to improve your business’ communication and productivity, then Asana is the right choice. This web-based and mobile app lets you view all tasks and projects and follow progress, share notes, upload files and communicate without having to rely on email. Asana also connect with Google Drive and Dropbox to attach files, and with Slack.

The basic version is free and its premium version is $9.99 per member/ per month and it includes advanced features. The app is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

Have you tried any of these apps? Do you recommend any that does not appear on the list? Share it with us!

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