Emotional Marketing

Emotions can be said to be the engine that moves society, those that humanize the human being. We are more emotional than rational beings; in fact, we make our decisions based on emotional rather than rational stimuli.

So brands must understand that covering the affective needs of their consumers should be the main objective.

Therefore, we understand emotional marketing as the discipline of marketing that is used with the aim of achieving an affective bond with customers, and that seeks that they feel the brand as their own or feel attached to the brand.

After all, nowadays the brand-consumer relationship has changed a lot: now people want to be part of these brands, they want to be heard, have a voice to express their opinion about their products and services. And thanks to the ease of communication today, this is perfectly possible and is what a well-planned marketing strategy seeks to satisfy its consumers.

The important thing at this point is that the brands create real stories with which we all feel identified so that it connects with the person, making the customer fall in love. Fall in love through emotions.

Among the main advantages we find:

—The emotional marketing campaigns have more impact on our customers and manage to attract the attention of new clients as well as loyalty or strengthen the preference they already had for the brand.

These are usually campaigns with a higher level of viralization and feedback.

—It manages to improve the image of the brand because, by working on the values and attributes that humanize the brand, we build something closer, more personal and more accessible to people.

—The degree of identification with the brand will be much higher.

—People are more likely to remember the message it want to convey. The more connected you are, the more likely you are to remember it.

Have you heard before of emotional marketing? Let us know what you think!

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