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LinkedIn is a social network different from any other because its goal is to connect professionals from around the world. In 20107, this social network reached nearly 500 million users distributed in 200 countries. And it is also a platform used by millions of companies that look for professionals and offer their products in a segmented and careful way. Therefore, if you are thinking of promoting your business or services, LinkedIn is your ideal place! That’s why we will leave you below some marketing tips that you can apply and, in addition to ensuring you generate visits to your website, you can increase your business opportunities and your career with this.

1. Create a profile that’s right for you

First, decide if you will create a personal or business profile. This will define your strategy, but nothing prevents you from having both: a personal profile where you share information about your personal career and a business profile aimed at promoting your business. Actually, the profile is the most important part of your marketing strategy on LinkedIn. Therefore, you should not leave the small details unattended: choose profile images and the cover image with a good resolution, attractive and that identify you as a professional or your company. Also, think about the description of your profile; Use that space to explain concisely what you are doing, for whom and why you are different from others. You have only 120 characters, so try to be practical! Remember that these are the first things on your profile that users will see.

2. Use keywords

As in any other social network, LinkedIn allows users to do searches. For this reason, it is important that you add in your profile the keywords with which users usually search for the type of profile that your business has and that corresponds to the category that you would like the market to brand you. Ideally, you should use a more popular keyword and also a more specific one. The more specific the keyword, the more qualified the visits will be and the higher the likelihood that someone will get in touch with you. And remember that the more times the keyword is present, the greater the impact.

3. Make use of the Events tool

Events are another powerful tool in marketing for LinkedIn. This tool allows you to create events and for people to respond if they are going to participate in the event or not. The followers of the people who responded about your events will be informed about the event as well, which makes the scope of your activities broad.

4. Make contacts! Participate in the Groups

This is one of the keys to LinkedIn. These groups are spaces to discuss and promote business for a certain segment of the market and are a fundamental piece for small businesses and for all those who are interested in spreading and strengthening their brand or services. So, basically, it is a space for exchange and dialogue, in which you have the opportunity to network and make yourself known. The first important step is to participate in relevant groups for your activity. You can find these groups by typing in LinkedIn’s own search engine. And if you do not find groups related to your activity, create one! The creator of a group has special advantages because they have access to the contacts of all group members. With that, you can build a database, promote for people who participate in the group, etc.

5. Promote the feed of your website or your blog

LinkedIn has an application called WordPress that allows you to import feeds from your blog or website to your profile. Obviously, it is valid for blogs on the WordPress platform. There is also another application called Blog Link that supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger, LiveJournal and many more. By integrating the content of your blog with your LinkedIn account, it will allow you to promote your website and develop your personal brand. And the good thing about the ads on this site is that, despite being a bit more expensive than Facebook ads, for example, LinkedIn ads have a great advantage: you can make a better segmentation to reach a much larger audience.

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